Sermons on Life (Page 2)

Battle Truths

Joshua 1:1-5:15 is a period of about one month. Joshua 6:1-13:7 is a period of about seven years! Though God made the Israelites fight for the Promised Land we quickly recognize that there were seasons of fighting and seasons of resting, reflecting, and rejuvenating. God’s leadership and God’s timing are always perfect.


The children of Israel spent about 40 years stuck and wandering in the wilderness because of their lack of faith. After the death of Moses, God spoke to Joshua calling him to move forward and lead the people into the Promised Land. By faith they were to move forward and trust God to provide what…

A Word about Life

Our God is a God of life!  Psalm 139 reminds us that we are “fearfully and wonderfully” made.  As we think about LifeSongs they are really life convictions.  We affirm the importance of worship, of God’s Word, of faith, and of life.  Politicians and celebrities may weigh in with their opinions, but what God says…