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Leaving a Legacy

Joshua’s final challenge to Israel was to enter into a covenant that would vow their faithfulness to Him! His life stood as a testimony of faithfulness to God and he challenged the people in their spiritual allegiance. Sometimes it’s good to step back and review our priorities. Are you committed to serve the Lord?

The Power of a Testimony

We’ve all seen the testimonials on TV – how someone lost weight, or grew hair, or increased their memory, or found a mate, and they share their personal story.  However, the most important personal testimony is the message of how Jesus uniquely worked in each your life to bring forgiveness of sin and eternal life.  Your…

A Word about Life

Our God is a God of life!  Psalm 139 reminds us that we are “fearfully and wonderfully” made.  As we think about LifeSongs they are really life convictions.  We affirm the importance of worship, of God’s Word, of faith, and of life.  Politicians and celebrities may weigh in with their opinions, but what God says…