Sermons on Joshua

Leaving a Legacy

Joshua’s final challenge to Israel was to enter into a covenant that would vow their faithfulness to Him! His life stood as a testimony of faithfulness to God and he challenged the people in their spiritual allegiance. Sometimes it’s good to step back and review our priorities. Are you committed to serve the Lord?

Finishing Well

As we come to the final weeks in the Book of Joshua we find that he is “old, advanced in age.” He has lived well, led well, and left a lasting legacy for Israel. In Joshua 23 he shares his farewell address. Final words are important! I trust he has some words to challenge us.…

Lasting Leadership

Caleb was a spiritual leader. He and Joshua stood alone with faith and courage when the 10 spies returned to Moses with a negative report. He waited 40 years to enter the Promised Land. Now, five years into the Promised Land, 85 year old Caleb says “give me this mountain!” Our nation needs spiritual leaders…

Battle Truths

Joshua 1:1-5:15 is a period of about one month. Joshua 6:1-13:7 is a period of about seven years! Though God made the Israelites fight for the Promised Land we quickly recognize that there were seasons of fighting and seasons of resting, reflecting, and rejuvenating. God’s leadership and God’s timing are always perfect.

Getting Back on Track

At one of my high school football games a defensive lineman picked up a fumble and the crowd cheered. Then, he took off running the wrong way and everyone was in horror! Fortunately, he wasn’t that fast and one of his own teammates tackled him! Is there hope after our life gets off-course and we…