JOY Fellowship Kickoff Lunch

The JOY Fellowship senior adults (60+) invite you to join them as they travel back to the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. Enjoy lunch with foods introduced at the fair. There will be a program about the fair by Knight Karl M. Kindt III.

  • Sign up using the event payment box located across from 2nd floor elevator
  • COST – $10
  • Deadline is Sunday, December 8

11:30AM IN GYM

Join us as we kickoff our JOY Fellowship (senior adults age 60+) relaunch after taking a break! We’ll celebrate Cinco de Mayo with lunch and hear updates about upcoming events.

  • CLICK HERE to sign up by Sunday, May 1
  • Cost $7 per person
  • PAY using the church app, at the Info Center, or using an event envelope with your name and JOY and place in the offering box

Contact Stan Norton at or 314-928-1311 for additional information.