In the Beginning and What Happens Next

This discipleship class taught by Associate Pastor Jerry Dudley will present evidence of the historicity of the opening chapters of Genesis and refute the secular theory of evolution. Sunday evenings August 19 through November 4 (excluding Labor Day Weekend) FREE class NO homework


We love camp—absolutely love it! We believe God uses summer camp to establish spiritual markers that students will remember as they grow in their commitment to follow Jesus. Our goal is to connect students with each other and their leader through small group Bible study, engaging worship, and activities built around strengthening relationships. At camp, students […]

Student Mission Trip 2019

World Changers Urban (WCU) projects incorporate more training and cultural experiences by connecting students to ministry in an urban environment. Groups spend time serving with partnering ministries in their urban setting. There is more time dedicated to learning about the city from local practitioners and how that impacts ministering to people in those communities. The nature […]